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Two of the biggest problems with chimney maintenance would be water and fire. First, we will look at what water can do. Water can penetrate and cause interior and/or exterior damage to your chimney and also pentrate through those leaks and cracks into the structure of the house through various entry points. Listed below would be areas to look at closely:

exterior mortar has started to decay
firebox assembly deterioration
fireplace accessories starting to rust
rotting adjacent wood and ruined wall coverings
clean out area that is clogged
chimney exterior is stained
Water stains starting to show
exterior mortar has started to decay
flue lining system has started to crack
hearth support issues
chimney structure has started to tilt
chimney settlement
deteriorated central heating system

Water damage prevention

One of the most inexpensive fixes to prevent chimney issues is to install a chimney cap, also called a rain cap. This will save future expensive repair and extend the life of the chimney.

Other steps to take would be:

Waterproof Your Chimney - only after checking for current leaks and repairs needed
Damaged Chimney Crown - repair or replace
Flashing - repair or replace
Mortar Joints - repair and patch cracks or deterioration
Install a Cricket - to prevent Leaks

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