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Backyard fireplaces and fire pits are one of the most popular backyard areas for entertainment and for good reason. The sound of a cracklin' pop of a nicely made fire anytime of the year is a perfect way to draw friends and family over. All American Masonry can build you that great fireplace or beautiful fire pit that will last and last. Sure, you could set some stones around a hole or spend a hundred bucks on a steel fire ring but a well designed and properly built outdoor fireplace or pit will fit in most budgets and you have the peace of mind that we took care of all the safety points.

Regular clay brick will crack at high temperatures, you want to use firebrick (also called “refractory” brick) to line the inside of the pit walls. Firebrick is a more dense brick than a regular brick and it is larger, thicker and wider and kilned to withstand high temperatures. Of course, it should be mortared with refractory cement which can withstand high heat unlike regular masonry mortar.

Also, in this region you will want to use SW (“severe weathering”) face brick (also called “common” or “building” brick) to line the outside pit walls. If your climate doesn’t include freeze/thaw cycles, you can use MW (“moderate weathering”) building brick

Should I design my fireplace with the type of fuel in mind? Yes, properly planning for what type of 'energy' will be utilized to fuel the flame is important because if you use the wrong build-out, you might risk a future hazard. Types of fireplaces would be wood burning, natural gas or propane or even electric.

There are other factors to consider in order your new fireplace fits all of your wants and needs.

Before you decide to build, consider some or all of these following points:

The location you choose for your outdoor fireplace is very important
The functionality of your fireplace?
The design and customization of your fireplace
Propotionality - size of fireplace in ratio to the size of your backyard area
The proper material type
The type of fuel options
The safety factors
Drainage and storage factors
Up to code regulations

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